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The Core table is a remarkable product. It features a steam bent solid Oak support with a hallow core plywood top.

The steam bending maintains the timbers integrity while the hollow core increases the tops stiffness. Coupled together, this leads to a very stable structure.

Because of the considerable reduction in material usage the Core table comes in at a very favorable price. See below for details.


4 seat - 900 (L) x  900 (W) x 750 (H)

6 seat - 1800 (L) x  900 (W) x 750 (H)

Assembly required


White Oak



Solid wood - Indoor only. Avoid direct sunlight, extreme heat and moisture. Clean with furniture polish.
While the protective sealent does offer resistance to liquids, spills must be cleaned up immediately.
Being a natural product, each table is unique and textures will differ slightly from those pictured. Solid wood is susceptible to changes in humidly and will naturally patina with age. Extreme humidity changes and exposure to direct sunlight may cause cracking, warping and splitting.

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